A downloadable something for Windows

You wake up in a dark room with no way out.. the only thing you can do now, Is to explore the DARK

A short thriller game which gets mixed up as a horror by my friends.

Do note that this game was specifically made to get myself to learn RMMV a little bit better so I guess you can call this somewhat of a prototype XD

This game is made by using RPG MAKER MV 

FPS is still a problem from what my friends say when playing on their PCs

but not on mine so uh.. I need to fix that I guess sksksk


Movement = Arrow Keys
Interact/Accept = Z/Enter
Weapon/Cancel = X/Esc
Dash/Run = Shift
Menu = PageDown/W

How to play:

Don't get caught by the dark entity, TOUCH EVERYTHING, 
find keys, open doors. uh... something something.. baseball bats
equip it first before you can use it..
umm.. this game is very reaction/timing heavy, do note you have a stamina
meter at the bottom screen if that runs out your character will collapse,
but don't worry it doesn't meen it's game over.
so uhh.. just don't die.






SmileBoom Co.Ltd.


SmileBoom Co.Ltd.
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions







Mog Hunter



You can contact me and give me feed back through

https://twitter.com/DeAniSketchBook !!

If I got something wrong in the Credits pls feel free to correct me >.<"

Still very new to making games UwU"

Install instructions

Just Unzip it and open the folder and Open the D A R K.exe file!
Don't forget to read the - READ ME - file if you need something


DARK (VER 1.0.2).zip 81 MB

Development log


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This game is super fun! Everything from the music to the dark, vague, and creepy undertone of this game. This one is definitely a must play!

Feel free to check out my play-session!


Also happy you found it fun!

(4 edits)

Ah by the way, some of the things were fully intentional like getting caught once makes you go slower. It makes you play more cautiously than before. But I can get rid of it if it makes people's gameplay a little bit better X3
And yes I would like to add a save station by the Staircase. And thanks for noticing the Bug of the door AAAAAAA I need to fix in on the next patch. And the three lives also got me like, "WHY DIDN'T I ADD IT??" So yeah that's happening on the next patch too! But I'll probs make it so that you have to collect a certain items to obtain that 3 lives so that you can still have a choice of having 1 life or 2 for a challenge.

And I don't think I'll be adding anymore stuff except for patches since I  am working on the sequel which has more dialogue and a story to answer the questions for the first game. XD
So yeah! Thanks for the feedback!! 

A sequel?! I am pumped for it! Glad to hear you taking my thoughts into consideration :D

No probs! I really enjoyed watching you play too! ( And the fact that you just learned you can actually use the bat once stuck inside the doll room ( My Friends were like "WHY ISN'T HE USING THE BAT!? XD ) )

Anyways, I'm happy you enjoyed my game!

Even though it was made to make people suffer from dying alot sksksksks


Using a weapon in a horror game? Hah. No does that even in horror movies ^.^;